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What is Project 52?


Over the past week you would have seen Super Tectonics waxing lyrical about “Project 52”. Well thank you to everyone for your curious and humorous comments as to what this mysterious number actually is, but sadly you were all wrong!

So what is Project 52?

Well, Project 52 was born out of conversations here at Super Tectonics about what else, but Design. And being Design Nerds, we talk a lot about design, often critically amongst ourselves and with friends and colleagues. But we have noticed that the design media typically avoids stepping on the toes of Architects and Designers. Open most Australian Architectural/ Design magazines or read any online blogs, and more often than not there is a lot of positive backslapping going on. This is nice. But we want more than nice. If Architecture and Design in Australia is to continue growing stronger nationally and internationally, we need to start an honest dialogue.

This isn’t about sounding intellectual, or being trolls, but conducting a critical evaluation. Yes we assume we’re going to step on some toes, but we will do so politely and from a position of candor.

Cue, Project 52.

So here at Super Tectonics we’re going to review 52 Projects in 52 weeks. These projects will be predominantly based in Melbourne (some interstate, some overseas depending where we go) and will largely be hospitality focused, purely as a good excuse to get out and try all the culinary and coffee sensations in this grand city. But food and beverage we will not review – it’s all about the Design; a great opportunity to see what Architects, Designers and everyday people are designing.

Architectural/Design Pornography is one of our greatest dislikes here at ST. A perfectly styled Interior for all the media shots to win the design award is great, but what does the space look like in full operation mode? With spilt coffee, wear and tear and bodies everywhere? We’ll take photos on a standard digital SLR, #nofilter #nophotoshop and post them as they are, for what they are. We have four standard questions that we’ll ask of each project:

What’s good about it?

What could be better?

What’s it ‘thing’?

Defining Design Details?

We’re not aiming to theoretically dissect every project, so don’t expect a thesis. We’re keeping the full post at around 600-800 words so it’s nice and short - easy to consume with your afternoon coffee. And when we say critical, this also means practical. So we’ll be assessing each project not only aesthetically, yet physically and spatially with a mention of branding and identity too - because a great interior without a good logo is pure blaspheme!

So, this is your formal invitation to join us at Super Tectonics. To contribute to our conversations about Australian Architecture and Design, with the hopes that you’ll begin some of your own.

52: 01 coming at you tomorrow.