Sidle was an exciting opportunity to design a scultpure/shelter for the Manningham City Council.  Ash was fortunate to work on this project whilst at Bellemo & Cat.

The Council asked for a new shelter to be designed and installed at a local park in Doncaster.  They specifically requested Bellemo & Cat be the designers of this structure.

Upon initially inspecting the site, the question was asked "What are you doing with all the metal slides?" that were being removed from the parks within the council.  The reply "nothing".

At that moment, the idea was born that we would take 11 of these slides, raise them over 2 metres into the air, rotate each slide around a central point, add legs and paint the whole thing pink.

As such, Sidle was created.  Ash's involvement in this project was from concept to construction documentation.  This included a fully modelled 3D CAD model which was used to accurately document the construction and installation of the shelter.